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STAR FORCE USA is a leading-edge organizational development and training company, relentlessly committed to putting purpose and passion back into the workplace! We specialize in designing and delivering innovative workforce empowerment solutions and provide our clients with strategic consulting services and customized organizational, leadership, and personal development programs designed to increase individual and workplace performance. Our mission is to provide integrated, results-driven services in the fields of organizational development and career and life transition coaching.

STAR FORCE USA Is Your Answer to a Dissatisfied and Disengaged Workforce!

The worst economic situation since the Great Depression has wreaked havoc on organizations and employees. Layoffs, hiring freezes, increased responsibilities, reduced or flat pay, and reduction in learning and development opportunities have left employees disillusioned and dissatisfied. In fact, a report released by The Conference Board in January 2010 found that only 45% of those surveyed say they are satisfied with their job. This is the lowest level of job satisfaction since they began the survey 22 years ago!

In addition to job dissatisfaction, it appears that employees are also disengaged. A recent Gallup Poll survey on employee engagement in the workplace found that a majority of American workers (71%) are not engaged in their jobs. A recent survey by Right Management found that 60% of employees intend to leave their current positions when the economy improves.

Our organizations are populated with dissatisfied and disengaged employees who are only staying with the company until the economy rebounds and something better comes along. Our training programs reengage your workforce and help your employees link organizational mission to personal vision and desires for future growth!

STAR FORCE USA Is Your Answer to Employee Mentorship and Upward Mobility!

STAR FORCE USA recognizes everyone’s experience with career change is unique. Our workforce empowerment program provides the cognitive tools, perspectives, and practical exercises necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We believe many existing programs in the field of career transition and upward mobility are transactional, information-based programs. They incorrectly focus on “how-tos” instead of “what and whys.” Our approach is transformational and includes the inspirational training needed to energize and cement behavioral change. The STAR FORCE USA solution is a holistic, three-phased approach to not just employment, but life empowerment!

STAR FORCE USA Bridges the Civilian/Military Workforce Gap!

“What many people outside the Pentagon probably don’t realize is that the Army today is actually two armies: The operational Army often referred to as the pointy end of the spear. These are our nation’s deployed forces, such as those now serving in Afghanistan and the institutional Army generating force — which prepares, trains, educates and supports our forces for current and future fights. More than half of the Army’s generating force is composed of Army civilians… And just as the Army looks to develop and retain leaders seasoned in combat, we are committed to doing all we can to recognize, develop and retain talented, committed civilian leaders and workers. “John McHugh, Secretary of the Army.

Because civilian and military personnel often must function as one unit, positive military/civilian working relationships are critical to the successful functioning of the nation’s armed services. STAR FORCE USA is uniquely positioned, qualified and committed to helping you bridge the gap between military and civilian workforces.


The success of any business is rooted in the strategic alignment of vision, people and processes.