Harry A Croft, M.D. 
Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association

HarryimgIt is with great pleasure I recommend STAR FORCE USA. Their passion to teach and empower resonates when in front of veteran and/or civilian audiences. They are prepared, knowledgeable and possess an uncanny ability to retain the audience’s attention and garner their participation. Their team, a mixture of veterans and corporate-experienced personnel grant them a unique perspective and advantage when engaging with veterans in their transition to the civilian work environment. Not only do they understand the veteran perspective and culture, but they are able to present the cultural perspective in a manner the veteran can understand, participate in and appreciate. Conversely, STAR FORCE’s ability to engage and educate the corporate audience to understand the veteran perspective is exceptional.  READ MORE


Colonel Ken Allard
U.S. Army (Ret.) 
Former NBC News Commentator and Former Dean, National War College.

kennetimgBased on my varied experience as a highly visible military officer, a professional educator and business leader/communicator, I believe that Star Force is uniquely equipped to guide transitioning veterans succeed in Branson’s world. The defense-related companies dominating the HR space commonly believe they have an edge with veterans; but often prepare them “by the numbers” only for government service or for vanishing jobs in dying industries. In contrast, Star Force concentrates on the whole person, identifying unique survival skills earned during multiple combat assignments. Even better: Star Force considers both the veteran and his or her family as an integrated unit – and hones skill-sets badly needed by the private sector. While other transition programs ignore or minimize such factors, Star Force understands that leadership, personal initiative and critical thinking are vital 21st century survival skills.  READ MORE


Lt. Colonel Carlos Vecino
U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

colonelcarlosI was fortunate that Star Force was there to help me through one of the most difficult and stressful times in my life. Their program is designed and engineered to promote self-awareness. To help you identify your strengths, your gifts, and your passions. To help you discover your value proposition (what you have to offer an employer) and make it so clear that it becomes easy to talk about and more importantly, easy to sell yourself. That, in and of itself, would have been worth the investment. However, Star Force does so much more! Why am I so enthusiastic about all this? Because I’m a Star Force USA success story! I secured an attractive job offer with a large corporation in San Antonio in a little over 60 days…  READ MORE


Melissa Beach, MPPA
Director, Nonprofit Strategic Initiatives
San Antonio Area Foundation

melissaimgI am writing to recommend the services of the Star Force team. They worked diligently with me to tailor an all-day training workshop on Messaging and Communications Strategy for 39 nonprofit organizations as part of a Certificate of Nonprofit Management for Veterans’ Service Organizations program that I oversee. I was completely satisfied with the presentations they made, and I was thrilled with their presentation. More importantly, the class participants gave top ratings for the workshop. Star Force is passionate about helping organizations accomplish their mission. They do an excellent job, are always prepared and punctual, and they share their expertise in a manner that resonates with clients and trainees. I have recommended their coaching services, and I will be using their training services again in the future.


Terry Dunkum
Vietnam Veteran, U.S. Navy

TerryimgI am a veteran who has combat PTSD (Vietnam) and who is also associated with the San Antonio Coalition for Veterans. When it became known that I wanted to speak publicly on veteran issues I was introduced to San Antonio Star Force. I was immediately impressed by their positive attitude. They presented themselves in such a way that it was impossible not to feed off their positive energy. They believe in themselves and what they are doing! In a world where it will be necessary for me to sell myself and my concerns for our warriors, they taught me about presentation and delivery. In a word, they taught me how to promote myself. Just in the past month I have talked with high ranking military brass, congressmen and homeless veterans with equal ease. Without Star Force, I don’t think this would have been possible.


Cynthia Pierson
Equal Employment Opportunity Director
Department of the Army

Star Force spoke to the mentors and associates of the U.S. Army South Civilian Mentorship Program. Participants were comprised of employees and veterans with goals to progress and enhance their competitive edge within the Federal Government. Star Force’s immediate focus was not on the “how to”, but instead the “what and why”, a strategy many organizational development consultants fail to address when identifying empowerment solutions. This approach is particularly critical during the current economic situation of furloughs, layoffs, hiring freezes, increased responsibilities and reduction in learning and development opportunities. Their communication and presentation skills are exceptional!
Feedback from the participants were overwhelmingly positive: “inspiring”, “motivating”, “gave me a sense of purpose, confidence and hope”, “look forward to the next series of presentations.”

Terri L. Williams, CE cD 
Director, UTSA SBDC Procurement Technical Assistance Center


My department requested a full day session of professional development for staff which focused on individual interaction and teambuilding in a manner that was open and encouraged dialogue with each other. Star Force provided an approach that mandated interaction with a sense of teamwork and creative thinking. This approach was embraced by my staff that they requested a follow-up session facilitated by Star Force!


Alton Clark


Star Force provided me with tremendous guidance and support during my career transition. Being laid off from my last employer forced me to make a transition that was unplanned. The dynamic duo of Clarence Lowe and Patricia Ann Vasquez were there to provide the encouragement, feedback and techniques that I needed to create an exciting and empowering vision for my new career. While working with Star Force, you are building a long-lasting relationship. I feel comfortable knowing that I can pick up the phone for feedback, guidance or simply to experience the encouragement of a friend’s voice. Compared to the cost of similar programs and working with other highly qualified career coaches, choosing Star Force was an excellent choice for me. Star Force equals exceptional career coaching at a supreme value.  READ MORE

Susan Jenkins 
Community Health Director
Martinez Street Women’s Center

susanRecently our organization Martinez Street Women’s Center was honored to receive outstanding workforce and empowerment training from Star Force. The training was very insightful in reviewing the present business model and how to establish our future model. Unlike other training of this type I have attended the information was presented with personal stories, humor and excellent directions. I feel with the information presented we now have the groundwork established to move our organization in the future. Thank you to the staff of Star Force for all your time and consideration.


Richard (Dick) Agee 
Agee’s Consulting Service, LLC

RichardimgI take this opportunity to share my resounding recommendation for Star Force in their ability to assist veterans and other individuals in transforming themselves and their careers. The limited vocabulary in the human resources arena forces Star Force to use common terms such as career desires, skill sets, skills translation, resume, personal branding, and job interview in referring to various aspects of their program, but the similarities end there.  READ MORE



Tina Pierce

TinaimgThe key to succeeding in and loving your work is to learn what you are passionate about! Star Force’s assessments have empowered me toward identifying and seeking the opportunities most rewarding for me. The second stage of the Star Force process, professional appearance, is one that many professional development programs overlook. Recently I saw a former coworker who said, “You used to look like someone who worked in the background, which doesn’t match who I know you are on the inside. This transformation has brought the way you look on the outside into agreement with the person you really are. Now you look like someone who should be up in front!”


The success of any business is rooted in the strategic alignment of vision, people and processes.