Small Business

The only certain thing about life is that it will change! Star Force recognizes everyone’s experience with career transition is unique. We provide the cognitive tools, perspectives and exercises to make your clients’ transitions smoother.In combination with a renewed perspective on themselves and the alignment of their goals, your clients achievement and resiliency in the marketplace is ensured.Military Veterans
The transition from military to civilian life is often a difficult one. Veterans move from an environment centered on interdependence to one focused on independence and self-sufficiency. Our program ensures a smooth, successful military transition for exiting personnel.Workforce Commission
Our highly experienced career coaches guide job seekers through a customized program. Star Force products empower them with the cognitive tools to market themselves in today’s competitive workforce.
Social Services
People in crises need a network of providers to assist in the struggle to be self-sufficient. From our welfare to work to our customized prisoner re-entry programs, our goal is to empower individuals from all walks of life to re-enter the world of opportunity and hope.Career Changers
Star Force offers a formula for people asking themselves the following questions:- Do I stay in my current field or leave?
– How do I get promoted in my current organization?
– I know what I want to do…but where do I start?

Let us help you answer these questions and formulate a plan of action when making a move in the workforce. Get on the fast track of re-invention and another step closer to reaching your goal!


  • Military Separations
  • Career Changers
  • Unemployed
  • Social Services

  • A 12-15 page Career Interest Assessent
  • Individualized Career Coaching
  • Customized Career Action Plan
  • Aggressive 3 month Follow-up


“People Make The Difference”


The success of any business is rooted in the strategic alignment of vision, people and processes.