Harry A Croft, M.D.


It is with great pleasure I recommend STAR FORCE USA. Their passion to teach and empower resonates when in front of veteran and/or civilian audiences. They are prepared, knowledgeable and possess an uncanny ability to retain the audience’s attention and garner their participation. Their team, a mixture of veterans and corporate-experienced personnel grant them a unique perspective and advantage when engaging with veterans in their transition to the civilian work environment. Not only do they understand the veteran perspective and culture, but they are able to present the cultural perspective in a manner the veteran can understand, participate in and appreciate. Conversely, STAR FORCE’s ability to engage and educate the corporate audience to understand the veteran perspective is exceptional.

The end result is one that enables organizations to anticipate and head off challenges related to the military-to-civilian transition, gain maximum leverage from the strengths brought by military service members for success in their organizations. If indeed as a community we are committed in assisting veterans in making a successful transition from military service to civilian work life, and affording them opportunities to contribute to an organization effectively, the best prescription is to partner with a innovative organization, STAR FORCE.


The success of any business is rooted in the strategic alignment of vision, people and processes.